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The KDE4 dance

Aug 06 Archive Adminis (  20) Processing of kde4libs_3.92.0.dfsg.1-1_i386.changes
Aug 06 Debian Installe (  74) kde4libs_3.92.0.dfsg.1-1_i386.changes is NEW

Finally, the first component of KDE4, kdelibs has been uploaded to experimental. And it is waiting at NEW at this moment. Hopefully, kdepimlibs will be uploaded soon.

About the rest, sorry, I have not idea :)


  • KDE 4.2 in unstable is coming at Ana’s blog said, on 2009-04-02 19:01:06+02:00:

    [...] was 2 years ago when we started working in KDE 4 packages, and exactly 20 months ago when we started uploading KDE 4.0.0 beta 1 to experimental. Finally, we are working in packages that are targeted to unstable [...]

  • Llegó la hora de KDE 4.2 en unstable at Ana’s blog said, on 2009-04-02 19:27:09+02:00:

    [...] hace 2 años que empezamos a trabajar en los paquetes de KDE 4, y exactamente 20 meses que comenzamos a subir KDE 4.0.0 beta 1 a experimental. Finalmente, estamos trabajando en paquetes que vamos a subir a unstable. [...]

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