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Debian packages for KDE 4.1, KOffice alpha9 and more

In the beginning of this week, KDE 4.1 RC 1 was released and, of course, there are Debian packages since the release day. The instructions I blogged about how to install the beta1 (and downgrade) still mostly apply, although the version of the KDE 4 RC1 is 4.0.98.
The Debian KDE Team website has finally been updated, so you have even more useful information about how to install KDE 4.1 packages from experimental, specially the bits about Apt Pinning.
kdeplasmoids has been renamed, again, and it is now named kdeplasma-addons, this means it is currently stuck at the NEW queue in Debian. I do not know when it will be available in the archive, but luckily current version of kdeplasmoids (post beta 2), works well with the RC 1 packages, you can use it until kdeplasmoids is accepted.

The important part about RC 1 in Debian is we finally have kde4libs, kdepimlibs and kdebase-runtime in unstable, and they are meant to be released in Lenny.
Together with those packages, some KDE 4 applications have been uploaded to unstable:

  • okular, the KDE 4 document viewer, has been packaged separately, and if you try it, I am sure you will love it ;)
  • ktorrent 3.1.1 is now the default ktorrent version (you still can install KDE 3's version that has been renamed to ktorrent2.2)
  • and systemsettings, split from kdebase-workspace with less modules have been package separately, so you can configure the settings of KDE 4 packages.

Continuing with experimental, there are some standalone KDE 4 applications in experimental you might be interested in installing: yakuake, adept-manager, gtk-qt-engine-kde4, konq-plugins, rsibreak and digikam.
You can find as well, the 9th alpha of KOffice that was released a couple of days ago. If you need an excuse to try it out, take a look to the visual changelog.

If you are a Debian user and you have not tried KDE 4 yet but you are curious, I think you finally should give it a try, that some packages are in experimental it is not because it is experimental software (well, once KDE 4.1 is out!), it is because full KDE 4.1 is not meant to the be released in the Debian stable release that will be shipping KDE 3.5.9 and they both are not co-installable. There will be backports of KDE 4.1 for Lenny, but that is a topic for a next post.


  • petteri said, on 2008-07-19 08:09:36+02:00:

    Thanks for the tip. Just tried okular and it seems really nice. New (KDE 4 style?) menus are nice, maybe little slow thought. Can't wait KDE 4 to be uploaded to sid (after Lennys release, maybe?).

  • gilir said, on 2008-07-19 12:46:54+02:00:

    Hi, Thanks for this, KDE 4.1 have nice improvements compared to 4.0 Is there a plan to package amarok2 in experimental ?

  • Chris said, on 2008-07-19 13:09:43+02:00:

    Thanks for the info.

    Just installed Okular which is the first real KDE4 app on my Desktop now. Looking forward to 4.1.

  • Minaya said, on 2008-07-19 18:46:43+02:00:

    Thanks for making kde_rc1 related packages available in Debian

    Only one detail related to koffice: koffice-libs depends on: libexiv2-2, wich isn't available. krita depends on: libexiv2-2, wich isn't available.

    I've installed these packages with dpkg and i've changed manually in /var/lib/dpkg/status file, libexiv2-2 to libexiv2-4.

    It seems to work.

  • Kevin Kofler said, on 2008-07-20 00:57:41+02:00:

    konq-plugins is useless without the KDE 4 Konqueror, so it isn't really a "standalone package".

    By the way, some useful KControl modules are in kdebase (apps), not kdebase-workspace (they're built as part of Konqueror or Dolphin), e.g. the proxy configuration.

  • ana said, on 2008-07-20 23:20:35+02:00:

    @minaya: I guess you have installed alpha8 packages for 386 that depended on libexiv2-2, alpha9 packages depend on libexiv2-4, but they are not yet built for i396.

    @kevin: wrt konq-plugins, that is a bit of nitpicking isn't? :D The systemsetting that is being shipped is split from kdebase-workspace.

  • LMZ said, on 2008-07-25 15:37:21+02:00:


    question about amarok2 package

  • Arturo Hoffstadt » Blog Archive » KDE 4 said, on 2008-08-29 19:36:22+02:00:

    [...] Debian packages for KDE 4.1, KOffice alpha9 and more [...]

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