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KOffice 2.2.0 packages for Debian

As some of you might have seen, KOffice 2.2.0 was finally released today. Quoting the release announcement:

"There are still areas in the user interface that we want to work on before stating that KOffice is fit for the general public. We are, however, at a stage where we think that KOffice can be used for real work by some users."

I agree with this statement and it is still to be decided if KOffice 2.2.0 will make it into Squeeze. I am inclined to do so but I would love some well argumented feedback. Take into consideration some applications are more mature than others.

The packages will be uploaded to the official archive soon, but they still need some minor work and given they include new deb files (kformula shape and kexi), they need to go thru the NEW queue, it might take some time.

Meanwhile, you can find packages for amd64 & i386 from the semi-official repository at:
You also have available the localization packages (see the list here) and braindump, an interesting application based in KOffice libraries.

These packages are not in the Debian archive so please *don't* report bugs against them in the Debian Bug Tracking System. If you see any packaging problem, please report it in the debian-kde mailing list.
If you find a bug, miss a feature or have a wishlist, please file a report in the KDE bugzilla: Include all the information you can about your system (Debian experimental, KOffice 2.2.0) and all the details you are able to give. In the case of crashes, install the package koffice-dbg to get a backtrace. Read more at this techbase article.


  • Patxi said, on 2010-05-28 23:56:39+02:00:

    Wow, some weeks ago I was praying for KDE 4.4.3 in Debian Testing and now we have KOffice 2.2.0 packages!!

    Sigo en español que a estas horas no puedo hacer milagros...

    En cuanto a la decisión de si KOffice 2.2.0 debe estar en testing me imagino que es una decisión de (cierta) estabilidad y no de usabilidad, más que nada por que la estabilidad es algo más objetivo y la usabilidad subjetivo.


  • DaniAv said, on 2010-05-29 08:18:51+02:00:

    Thank you very much for your work! You're working really hard and fast.

    I suppose that if you finally decided not to include KOffice in Squeeze it will be available in the backports.

    Anyway, I use testing, no Squeeze, so it doesn't matter to me :-)

  • Robin said, on 2010-06-11 14:22:36+02:00:

    I'd very much like to see KOffice in Squeeze for several reasons. It is in Lenny and it would be missing on upgrades. With the recently released 2.2 it is also more usable and stable than previous versions including 1.6. As the developers put it, "KOffice can be used for real work." It also has more features and can open more file formats, e.g. 1.6 could not open docx. And unlike other office suites it integrates well with KDE. Personally I already found 2.1 from the experimental repository quite useful, and I'd really appreciate an 2.2 in Squeeze.

  • Thomas Savary said, on 2010-08-07 16:41:21+02:00:

    Yes, I hope KOffice will be included to Squeeze. Using OpenOffice in KDE is so painful because of its lack of integration to KDE: even a simple copy/paste (without Ctrl+C) doesn't work properly; the window doesn't open on the desktop where the software was launched (when you go to another desktop after launching it)—and Writer's style manager is so terrible! I had the opportunity to test KOffice... on Windows. I just can't wait using it, at last, on Debian! Thanks very much to Debian contributors, anyway.

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