post and pre-release fun

The last weeks before a Debian release are usually boring with respect to working on new stuff since unstable is pretty much closed to development. Now that the release is finished, this fun is back \o/

I have been in an ‘upload frenzy’ since yesterday night and I have updated some packages in unstable: KOffice[1] and KOffice-l10n 2.3.1, yakuake, rsibreak and tintin++. Another of my packages, kid3, got magically updated itself in unstable before I had time to look at it, the magic of having active co-maintainers.

[1] Thanks for the gentle push to update this, Pino :)

I also emailed one of my upstream maintainers to ask him about the KDE 4 version of his application and he will likely make a release soon. One of the goals for wheezy is remove completely KDE 3 and Qt 3. If you are maintaining a KDE 3 or Qt 3 based application, we are about to start annoying you about this! See and

The last 2 weeks before the release I had some fun watching how the Squeeze release countdown banner I published at spread to a lot of websites, personal blogs, community sites, forums to news portals.
The traffic has been increasing little by little through the 2 weeks the banner has been online and currently is still moderately high, since people keeps retweeting the news item about the Debian release. While writing these lines, the banner has been served 449575 times to a total of 244975 unique IP addresses!

8 thoughts on “post and pre-release fun”

  1. Hola, Ana. Aunque ya felicité a todo el equipo de Debian cuando se liberó Squeeze, me alegra volver a hacerlo en tu blog.
    Y de vuelta a tu post: la diversión post-liberación… ¿incluirá en breve KDE 4.6, aunque sea en el repositorio experimental del Debian-KDE Team?

  2. I guess it makes sense to reduce the number of Qt3 dependent packages for maintenance reasons, but doesn’t the lsb-desktop profile require Qt3to be at least available?

  3. It is correct to remove depensies to old libraries but Qt3 must NOT be dropped. These libraries are required for LSB platform, and LSB is the only binary compatible platform which ISVs can rely on.

    Dropping Qt3 prematurely probably start domino effect. After it is dropped from Debian, it is probably dropped from Ubuntu. While Suse future is unclear this will left Red Hat only major OS provider to support LSB.

    This is signal to developers that they can not rely to open source platforms and it will be devastating. Qt 3 must be kept in Debian at least five and half years. This is probably three stable releases.

  4. @Matti Have you seen the date of this post? There are follow-up to this in the proper Debian mailing lists.
    Qt3 will probably kept around for weezy, but I doubt it will be in wheezy +1 if nobody wants to be in charge of Qt3’s maintenance.

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