Debian in the Google Summer of Code 2012

This year our efforts have paid off and despite there being more mentoring organizations than there were in 2011 (175 in 2011 and 180 in 2012), this year in Debian we got 81 submissions versus 43 submissions in 2011.
You can see here the graphs of applications against time from this year:


The result is this year we’ll have 15 students in Debian versus 9 students last year! Without further ado, here is the list of projects and student who will be working with us this summer:

If you want to know more about these projects, follow the links and ask the students (and mentors)!

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  2. bbbbbb

    Hi Anna,

    it would be great to have a second graph for the students participating and a third graph for the students who successfully end GSoC.


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