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Endgame: Singularity, translators wanted!

Together with kaol, I maintain a nice game called Endgame: Singularity (Debian's package is singularity, in case you want give it a try ;)).
After a year or so in silence, the upstream team has started to work again actively in the game, and they have even relicensed some parts of the game with a license DFSG-compatible, which allowed move the game from non-free to main :) But the game is lacking of people contributing with translations, it currently is only translated to spanish, and imho, the spanish translation could use of some help... It is a very literal translation from English.
So, if you are interested in translate Singularity to your language, read this mini-howto. The game has a mailing list, where you can send a mail in case you have any doubts and the translation once you have done it.

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