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Debian statistics?

In Debian we all love statistics. It is not unusual see people blogging with graphs and stats about several stuff (ie: bugs, active developers), and we have official sites like popcon or this unofficial website bugstats that measures our packaging "karma". Now there is a page in the wiki where put all the related links.

But I still keep thinking there are some more statistics we could gather, like daily number of the packages in the archive, top bugs reporters, monthly number of maintainers, etc. Some numbers would be interesting to see the "health" of the project, and some just for fun.

So, what about create The goal would be list statistics places and host different stats. Some of the existing sites could chose move there, and collaborately, people could submit their scripts.


  • Luciano said, on 2007-11-07 19:41:50+01:00:

    I tried to do something, with beuno (ubuntu statistics maintainer) but the information is very deficult to found in the servers. If you help us... :)

  • » Blog Archive » Debian y las estadísticas said, on 2007-11-07 22:05:29+01:00:

    [...] Como comenta Ana Guerrero en el, en Debian siempre ha habido una fijación a tener números y estadísticas, como muchos, yo soy fan también de ver estos datos o gráficas. [...]

  • palnet passer said, on 2007-11-08 10:36:42+01:00:

    Does Lucas Nussbaum’s "Some numbers about Debian’s history" qualify? :)

  • planet passer said, on 2007-11-08 10:46:48+01:00:

    Oh, and an afterthought... Should we (volunteers? anyone?! ;) ) :-) invent a running over time (a release-bugs counterpart) graph of "Debian development costs this week"? Smth. like script counting SLOCs & $-s over incoming queue or testing changes?

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