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When you are too involved...

I just stated in a private mail exchange that gender barrier do not really exist in Debian anymore. That lead me to think I am too deep involved in the project to notice so. If you are girl and something makes you do not agree with this, please drop me a mail ( ana AT debian DOT org).

Not related with the above paragraph, but still on topic, I have not been following mailing lists/IRC these last days and I am planning stay some days more off. I have found myself doing too much stuff Debian lately and need a little rest. If you need something urgent, send me a mail.


  • Gunnar said, on 2008-04-17 12:22:39+02:00:

    Yes, you are deeply involved in Debian. But you are also deeply involved in gender issues - you are really not likely to miss them, IMHO! I share your appreciation, although I am far from suffering from this problem. Debian has changed (should I say, matured? Evolved?) quite a bit since the now (in)famous "Charlie's Angels" talk in Debconf 3.

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