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Debconf15 and ... happy birthday Debian!

Debconf15 started yesterday and as expected, talk rooms are always fully crowded! I had to stand up in a couple of talks and I watched another couple of them from outside thanks to the real time streaming.

Thanks to the fantastic work of the video team, video recordings of the talks from yesterday have started to be available at
I would heartily recommend you to watch "Debian's Central Role in the Future of Software Freedom" by Bradley M. Kuhn (video available).
I was expecting a good talk and Bradley exceeded my expectations.

I also got to meet again Simon Kainz and to get my DUCK branded lighter from the duck challenge :)

After dinner, we celebrated Debian's 22 birthday, that's exactly today. We had a wonderful cake made by DebConf attendees made by small pieces of pastry with fruits drawing a mosaic with a Debian swirl.
While the cake was a very nice detail, the best part of it was watching the people making the cake. Everybody had a great time and this kind of things are what make Debian (and DebConf) great. When people work together to make something wonderful.

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