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Getting old

Today is my birthday, a good excuse to have cake :)
Anyway, the motive of this post is to say Happy Birthday to my friend Leo, who happens to be exactly 8 hours older than me and awesome.

Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers group picture

Debian KDE Team December 2007

Debian KDE Meeting. Cáceres, Extremadura, Spain, 15th December 2007

Top, from left to right: Modestas Vainius, Sune Vuorela. Sitting, from left to right: Armin Berres, Ana Guerrero, Fathi Boudra.

P.S: Still pending send a mail about the decisions taken in the meeting :)

From the Debian KDE meeting

We, the Debian KDE maintainers, together with some of the i18n people, are enjoying this weekend one of the sponsored meetings in Extremadura.
The residence where we are staying is ok-ish, we have food, and maybe you already found out from Sune Vuorela's blog that the network is crap. This is not being very helpful in terms of getting work done, specially since KDE packages are so small :-)

I do need to talk about the food. Yesterday, we had a nice lunch which included ensaladilla rusa, then we had some kind of cocktail dinner which was very nice too. Today, we had lunch in one of the campus cafeterias, and some of us got again ensaladilla rusa. In the dinner, we got ensaladilla rusa again. No surprisingly, the quality of the ensaladilla rusa have been getting worse. So in this moment, we are having some kind of room hacking party while we wait for the pizzas we just ordered :)

I think the problem with this meeting is it is being held at the same time that the X Hispalinux conference, so we are sharing "resources" with them. About the Hispalinux conference, I can not talk too much since we are hiding in one of the University classrooms far from the conference, but I'm kind of disappointed because it is not as crowded as I would have expected from this event.

Group picture coming soon ;)

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