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Qt 3 looking for adopters

With KDE 3 almost gone in unstable, the KDE team is not longer interested in Qt 3 and we are looking for new maintainer(s).

If you want to have Qt 3 in wheezy, now is the time to step up! Please, read this email and reply in list.

Apply for Debian's GSoC projects!

The student application period for applying to GSoC opened last Monday and we already have a couple of very good applications from students. We are still missing yours!

The list of Debian projects includes a nice variety of projects:

There is only one week left, so do not leave it for last minute. Get in touch with the mentors of the projects you are interested in and add your proposal to the Debian wiki and in Google Melange.

If you are a Debian contributor wanting to mentor a project, you still can. Please read this email with some hints.

Small applications missing in KDE 4

I have been working in the last weeks in the removal of the last pieces of KDE 3 from the Debian archive and I have found there are a lot of packages that is sad having to remove.

If you are looking for a good idea/excuse to learn and improve your KDE 4 / C++ /Qt4 skills, have to do a small application for school or you just feel like some useful coding, here is the list:

  • creox - real-time guitar effects
  • kbarcode - barcode and label printing application for KDE
  • kbiff - KDE mail notification utility
  • KKBSwitch - keyboard layout indicator for KDE (see this post also)
  • kmyfirewall - iptables based firewall configuration tool for KDE
  • kpogre - a graphical administrator tool for PostgreSQL
  • kredentials - KDE taskbar applet to update kerberos/AFS credentials
  • ksociograma - technical educational software to make sociograms
  • ktechlab - circuit simulator for microcontrollers and electronics
  • qalculate-kde - Powerful and easy to use desktop calculator - KDE version
  • score-reading-trainer - trainer for reading music notes

Note that I do not list here software whose port in KDE 4 is being developed although it is still not finished and therefore it is not packaged in Debian.

By the way, even if all those packages are being removed from Debian testing and unstable, they will remain in Squeeze, so you can keep using them or install it from there.

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